2010 Curriculum

The ideas so far are….

BibleThe Children’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos

LiteracyProgressive Phonics (free, just register)

NumeracyNumber Jugglers: Math Card Games by Ruth Bell Alexander, plus other as yet undecided stuff

History and Geography – Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

ScienceLarousse La Science Ma Première Encyclopedie

HandwritingItalics Beautiful Handwriting for Children by Penny Gardener (purchased as an e-book, click here to see more.

Art – we will start by trying stuff shared by the Yahoo Group AO_HEO_PictureStudy and using Doodle Books.

French – will be incorporated by teaching some of the subjects in French and normal social interaction

Literature – ??? Narnia? Little House

Nature StudyHandbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock

It will mostly be a case of seeing how we get on at the moment. Experimentation while there is no inspector looming.


3 réflexions au sujet de « 2010 Curriculum »

  1. Shona…your blog looks fantastic, that is because your life and hs are great!
    I follow Spanish blogs and they speak about France sometimes…Oh, I’m hoping your inspection is favorable, that the person is an understanding and educated one and that the authorities won’t give you a hard time.
    Usually to see you and your husband well prepared, knowing what you do, etc. will leave you in peace. I surely want to know how everything goes. I hope you write in your blog or a quick note to me about it, please.
    I’m adding your blog to my google reader! I’ll stay in touch.

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