Beginning the adventure

It goes without saying that education begins when a child is born.

But I’ll say it again anyway.  We begin teaching, showing, nurturing, training, encouraging our children from the moment they are born.  Their emotions are affected by how we speak and look at them; their habits are affected by the routines that we have; their reactions are shaped either by our reactions or by our responses; the things they think and talk about are influenced by the stimuli they are surrounded by.

Don’t feel any pressure now, will you?!

Actually, the pressure we’ve felt as parents to ‘succeed’ has eased off over the years, particularly as we’ve realised that we’ve not given anything more to do than we can bear. That is, if we have the Lord’s help.

And also we’ve realised that our goalposts are the ones that the Bible has, not the ones that society has. So if our darlings don’t get the greatest academic results, it’s not a disaster, as long as they have got the results that they are capable of, all things considered, and they are on track with the Lord. And if they get a First at Uni, what will matter more is the question  »are they on track with the Lord? ».

Now, I’m not going to bog myself down with false responsiblities. I can’t save my children anymore than they can. However, nor shall I ignore the real responsiblity:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

Are you home educating? What was one of your motivations for starting?


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