Mastering Mornings… avoiding the pc

Although mastering mornings from the moment you wake up is very important, my issue at the moment is the Home Ed morning, the stuff that happens after we are meant to have begun.

Too many times recently the day has slid by with nothing achieved. It’s not simply the unticked boxes in the plan, but not enough connected, constructive time in the home, the real education of life. One obvious culprit is the fact that we are still integrating into French life and bureaucracy. And that does demand my attention from time to time as soon as office doors are open.

However a major contributing factor to a bad morning (and hence a bad day) is the pc.

My aim is to avoid turning it on until as late as possible, because inevitably, if it is turned on, I’ll ‘just’ check my email, ‘just’ do this, ‘just’ do that. It took me a while, but I finally deactivated my facebook account (yeah, I know, all I need to do is log in again and it’s as if I’ve never been away… but it’s the principle, I clicked deactivated, and so, therefore, it is deactivated). That has been a huge relief, but also a huge time liberator.

But honestly, I existed perfectly well without a pc online until a few years ago. Why the need to have it consume so much of my time?

« Addicted! » I hear you say. Well, yes.

« Time to go cold-turkey! » Not quite. The girls work is often found on-line.

« Then only connect when necessary ». Nice thought. The phone is an IP phone. No internet equals no phonecalls (and they are really important, otherwise how else can we hear our lovely English-speaking friends).

And in fact, the solution as I see it is ‘me’. Self-discipline, self-control, based in dollops of prayer and Truth, springing from the Grace that covers all. Actually, that means the solution is the Lord…


6 réflexions au sujet de « Mastering Mornings… avoiding the pc »

    • You are welcome 🙂 I’m sure I’m going to popping back to see what else you have. My babes are behind yours so I’m not sure we’ll ever be in a position to offer you material…
      God bless,

  1. I agree. We also have phone through the internet. Today I’m here at 9:14 because we woke up after a night of the girls vomiting, and we three with a voracious stomach virus. We are not that bad, but we don’t feel like anything (as my oldest put it). But I do have the pc on, with the screen off, and I do pc fasting for three or four days sometimes. It’s an ongoing thing to take care of here, but we’ll CONQUER, ha ha .

  2. Funnily enough I’m here and it’s the day that we are moving to Paris!!! I’ve got to be crazy. I have to take a pc fast, I think that would help me too.

    Silvia, praying that your viruses make a swift exit.

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