One Lovely Blog Award

Gosh! I’m surprised and delighted that Chelle from Last in Line has thought of this wee blog for a One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you, Chelle, you’ve given me a boost of encouragement 🙂

Chelle has a blog that points us in an eclectic Charlotte Mason direction, with a twist of down-under and lots of ideas. I personally like the lapnotes that she has created. Check her out at Last in Line.

Here are the rules for the awards presentation:
1. Post a thank you from the person who awarded you and include their blog link.
2. Pay it forward to several other bloggers.
3. Comment the blog owners and award them.

I’m going to pay it forward in no particular order to:

Silvia at Homeschooling In a Bilingual School – a bilingual home-edding mamma, in English and Spanish. It is a wonderful thing to have found someone in a similar position to me, who shares her journey beautifully and is liberal in her finds on this website full of free resources.

I’ve also appreciated following Nancy’s journey at La Joie d’Apprendre ie the Joy of Learning, and seeing the beautiful images and ideas for learning. It’s in French, but fear not, there is a lovely little widget that will translate the page for you!

There are two blogs that I keep going back to. One is written by Barb at Harmony Art Mom. A mum with experience and gentle thoughts and words. She also hosts Sketch Tuesday, such a fab idea and a great favourite with my girls.

The second source of encouragement and help has been Nadene’s Practical Pages. The little extra that I particularly appreciate when I receive the updates from her site, is that Nadene reminds me to look to the Lord and not my own strength. This post is an example that I frequently bring to mind when I’m off on one of my self-sufficient excursions.

And in a slightly different direction, Heather writes about life in Haiti at The Story of One Family in Haiti. She has a lovely way of writing and paints thoughtful and thought-provoking posts about her life and family.

Thank you to all of you who generously share a part of your real life with us, here, in the virtual world.


2 réflexions au sujet de « One Lovely Blog Award »

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely award and your kind comments!
    You have also introduced me to several new blogs above and I’m sure I will enjoy looking them up.

  2. Just catching up on my email from last week….and found this lovely award. Thank you so much for your kind words and I am so glad that you are enjoying Sketch Tuesday. (I also read Silvia’s, Nancy’s, and Nadene’s blogs too!)

    Thanks again. 🙂

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