A small Compte Rendu

Compte Rendu is (correctly or incorrectly spelt) an explanation – and I want to offer a small explanation of where the blog has been lurking these last months.

  • Move to Paris
  • Clean (and clean some more) the new flat and put everything in place
  • Set up a new-and-improved Home Ed routine (which had been so badly damaged by learning French at a school, holidays back in Scotland and then preparing to move)
  • A month’s worth of visitors in the house in December and beginning of January
  • Yet another interview with social services (no nice mayor this time, but neither was is a horrendous experience – a post for another occasion)
  • Not forgetting to mention Christmas and New Year (hey, we’re Scots.  Hogmanay counts as important 🙂 too)

I’ve been checking emails and mostly skimming blogs, but have nonetheless come across a couple of things that have kept me from pushing myself to blog.

One is a prayer that I stumbled across at a Holy Experience.  It spoke volumes to me.

The other is knowing that I’m home educating for my girls, and their growth, and their future, and their relationship with the Lord, and our relationship with each other.  And that means that just now, they need me, all of me, present with them,  undistracted by plotting words in my head or potential post titles or any of the other nonsense that my goal-orientated self wishes to push between them and me.

There is enough separation already: through the French administration, the need to plan a meal or two, my own desire for sanity (and hence a little space from small people).  We have intentionally chosen to remain close to our offspring through the means of Home Ed.

I’m sorry, dear Reader, that places you in second position for the moment.

When it all comes together (soon, Lord, please… I do like writing), Iwill have much more to share.


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