Stumbling Successfully Through

Our whole day is out of kilter… the kitten had his first sortie outside today and was refused breakfast so he could be tempted to return in. We scoffed our breakfast as quickly as we could and just left everything on the table. I’m now mid-disorder and stumbling through the day.

Funnily enough, in the midst of this stumbling, I came across 2 separate and yet complementary ideas in my inbox (mastering the morning? I wonder:)).

Firstly Sally Clarkson wrote about children’s need for outdoors, exploration and the chance to be bored in her post called Killing the soul of children at I Take Joy.

But the old fashioned way of raising children seems to be the healthiest way to raise emotionally, intellectually and spiritually resilient children.

Encouraging stuff for a mamma with her kids at home, just as all of Sally’s writing is.

Then The HomeSchool Mom sent me their newsletter with a link to Brain Rules. I’ve just looked through the videos that summarise the 12 Rules. It’s another encouragement to a mamma at home with her kids, as I find out why exercise helps children learn, why attention dips after 10 minutes and you need to spark it again, why sleep is vital, why a degree of stress is a good thing but too much of it creates scarring… and the communication also shows that they put into practice what they’ve learnt.  It’s memorable.


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