Our May-be Montessori Placemats

Whilst perhaps not strictly a ‘home-school’ issue, this is still for us a home-education topic – how our girls learn to live with other people and learn skills to help them become independant.

For us, this means that they get to set the table. Correctly. And it was becoming a bit of a bore re-explaining constantly where things had to go.

So one afternoon when Giggler and I were alone together we did our Placemat Project, which was great because it was going to mostly benefit her.

The task in short was:

  1. We choose some card,
  2. traced round cutlery, a plate and a glass (top tip – don’t put the plate right in the middle, there will be less space for the glass),
  3. did some decorations (her idea, turned the plates into people)
  4. and drew food on the other side.
  5. Lastly, laminated.

Each one has a different food theme

This is the side to show positions for knife and fork, dessert spoon, plate and glass

How they coordinate with the tablecloth (yes, it is important :))

I’m not sure this is exactly what Maria had in mind, but we love them. I suspect this from Our Surburban Homestead would be more her thing. But the girls just love these ones and the Happy Face on each mat. And wipe-clean really suits me.

How do you help your children learn how to help in the house?