Scotland’s Story

Having just said that we are doing History from the beginning, there are 2 exceptions. We are also looking at Scottish and French history. It’s for cultural reasons, rather than anything else. We no longer live in Scotland, so the only way they will learn about their home country is if we study it. And we home educate, so the only real way they will learn French history is if we study it.

Explanation done. Let’s look at what we are using for Scottish history.

Click to go to the Baldwin Project for an on-line, printable version

We have no timescale for finishing it, and when the girls get bored, we stop it for a while. But I do want them to be able to remember something of what they read… huh, and narration doesn’t do it for them at the moment.

We’ve been mostly ending each chapter with a type of crafty notebooking page (I’m not a great notebooker, so I really feel like I’m making this up). And just in case, there is someone else who can use the ideas, here are the useful pages that we have done, with the chapters included.

Chapters 1-3

Chapters 1-3: Basic Drawing with text narrated underneath

This method leaves them a bit short.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Mini Pictures and Map, detailing the story

This is my work. I was begining to get an idea of how to make this work for them… I simply photocopied this for the other notebook.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Images relevant to the Scottish/French connection, and the girls' interests

We used this mostly to look at things I thought they should have some idea about, and we had a wee google to pull together some images.

Chapter 7

I cut out the shapes and they place them where they choose.

Took the chance to explore heraldry. They compared their shields to the real Hay shield when we were finished.

Chapter 8 & 9

Symbols for King and Ruthlessness

More to help them remember the bloody theme, rather than details… they were beginning to wane at this stage. Getting the paints out really helped them with their interest.

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Macbeth's half built castle, Macduff's castle with moat, his boat sailing off to England

They really did not want to draw my suggestions, which were ‘designed’ specifically to help their recall. Hence, the rather unclear pictures. And the reason why I’m much more dictatorial when it comes to their history craft at the moment.

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Kings of Scotland and England at war, stopped at Alnwick, keys for the castle arrive on a spear, which duly pierces Malcolm's eye and kills him. England wins.

This one was cut out for them, and I wrote after checking they knew what should be written.

Incidentally, for 2 girly girls, they hardly flinch when they hear about the blood and gore. Perhaps it is simply too far removed for it to affect them. They certainly don’t enjoy it (phew), apart from being allowed to use paint if necessary.

How do you make history real and memorable?