Pizza – Sketch Tuesday

Giggler often wants to draw. But Smiler rarely does. This week however both of them were very keen to give it a go and tackled the topic without my input at all. Theirs is a traditional response to the topic, but I’m particularly pleased with Smiler’s because her skills have developed.
See the post about Sketch Tuesday for more details.

La cadette veut souvent dessiner, mais rarement l’ainée. Par contre, cette semaine toute les deux avaient envie de contribuer au gallère de Sketch Tuesday avec le thème Pizza. Je suis super contente avec la réponse artistique de l’ainée, car elle montre comment elle a avancé dans le domaine de dessin.
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Art Gallery Sketches

It was a real challenge this week, but we’ve done it… had to sketch something from an art gallery. It brought out all the perfectionist tendancies, and I suppose too, the insecurities, but here is the result.

The girls always ask to do Sketch Tuesday. I’ve even had to institute our own Sketch Saturday (strictly in house, but for their pleasure I will, from time to time, post them here).
So I can recommend it. Read here for how to do it. And here for advantages of doing it.